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8October 31, 2005
From: Marcie Cook []
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 7:03 AM
To: 'Steve K. Sprague'; Linda Roggli
Cc: Mike Stoltenberg
Subject: 911 C Vs. K middle name
Importance: High

Hi guys,
Linda you contacted the WRONG Steven Sprague.  Please note the disclaimer on my web site above.

Our balloon jerk is Steven 'C.' not Steven 'K' Sprague.

Steven, once again, I am very sorry this keeps happening to you.  Please accept my apology. I am sure this will be a never ending saga for you. Or at least until this creep is off the streets.

I do not know your address. If I did, I would never disclose it.  Anyone's address can be obtained with very little research.

No one is targeting you in particular. It is simply a matter of you having the same name. Both first and last.  Do you check the middle initial of everyone you contact? I know I don't. You don't even use your middle initial in your signature.  There really is not any more I can do to help you short of you changing your name.

As more and more defrauded people go after Steven 'C' Sprague, you probably will receive more mail and phone calls.

I will be in the office all day today 10/31/2005. Please call if you would like to talk.

Very sincerely,
Marcie Cook


DISCLAIMER:  Hot Air Balloon Pilot = Steven "C" Sprague
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Hot Air Balloon Accidents
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8October 29, 2005
From: Steve 'K' Sprague []
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:20 AM
Subject: More name confusion again
Importance: High

Hi again Marcie,
This is Steve 'K.' Sprague again. It seems there is still some major confusion as to who I am on your website. Today I received a certified letter from a Linda Roggli who believes I have defrauded her and to whom I owe money. On your website, the following page outlines her commentary to you:

Now, of course, I have no problem with someone seeking redress and compensation from those that owe them, but this is getting ridiculous. I am not this person as you know and somebody has told Linda Roggli that I am and even provided her with my home address (which is not, and never has been, public knowledge due to my profession). I need for you to contact me at _______ so that we can get to the bottom of this for a couple of reasons. One, I need to find out why MY name keeps coming up in these issues and two, I need to know how my home address found its way to this person. If she is truly pursuing criminal and civil charges against me, even though she is dealing with the wrong person, it can still make my life a living hell. I'm very tired of defending myself.

Steve 'K.' Sprague


8 July 18, 2004
From: Steve 'K.' Sprague []
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2004 12:57 PM
Subject: Please update your website
Importance: High

I have contacted you in the past asking you to clarify who "Steven C. Sprague" is.

I am Steven K. Sprague and I live in San Antonio as well.  I have grown tired of people thinking I am the other Steven Sprague. I am NOT the Steven Sprague that is responsible for your injuries.  Please put some kind of disclaimer on your website or a picture of the person so that those that know of me, will not waste my time questioning me over things I have had nothing to do with.  The last straw for me came when one of our Civil process deputies contacted me thinking I was "your" Steven Sprague.  This has happened many times in the past and it really isn't very fair to me for this to keep going on when you can probably help the situation by making things clearer on your website to anyone that's doing an investigation on this person.