Hot Air Balloon Accidents
Hot Air Balloons
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The purpose of this site is to create public awareness, dissemination of information, and research.
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Hot Air Balloon Accidents
Hot Air Balloon Accidents-DANGER!
I am planning to start a foundation to warn of hot air balloon accidents. Money from the sale of my book goes to support protecting the public. In the meantime:

1. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a hot air balloon accident who would want to contribute to the maintenance and operation of this website that would be deeply appreciated.  If you want to put information on your website to warn of danger I will be glad to lend you articles and information for your website.

2.   I am writing and publishing a book to help pay for website expenses.  It tells of the trials and tribulations of the balloon accident and the problems with the hot air balloon for hire industry.  It tells how God spared me to help others and how this changed the course of my life.   A very vivid book of life changes, durability through pain and suffering and how to survive handicaps and go on with life with a smile on your face.  The book was released in September 2003.  The cost is $14.95 USD.  Send an Email to Marcie to order.

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Marcie Cook
Hot Air Balloon Accidents-Foundation
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